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Kritashop: New Arrivals!

This weekend we have loaded the Kritashop with many new attractive products. For the products this week, we collaborated with Krita artist Enrico Guarnieri and created many new designs for throw pillows. Also, we now have a Krita icon tee in the shop which you can order in a color of your choice!

We’d love to hear back from you guys. Let us know what you’d like to see more of in Kritashop! Below are the snapshots of a few of the new products –

Enrico1 Enrico2 Enrico3 krita-icon-tee

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Looking back to June: Week 1

Hello readers!

I’m running a little late in blogging than the pace of the work that we have been doing. Well, let’s go back and talk about with what did I start my work.

So, may 27th and I was selected, after the congratulatory wind-up on IRC #Krita channel, mails from Boudewijn (mentor) and from OPW team; I got to know my project partner Maria(she’s from Barcelona! Wow, right?). So, it was decided to broaden the horizons of the work under our project as now there were two interns instead of one (yes, lucky!).

Well, the due date of starting the intern was June 15 but we started to contribute right after the selection. The project is so exciting we couldn’t help.

A new channel was set for this project #krita-shop and we took a little time to distribute and plan the project ahead. I took the Zazzle store as my first task. Back then, Zazzle allowed code customization which helped those who knew CSS, HTML to give their stores a unique feel.  I got on with it and the theme was decided to be Krita website inspired. Logic was simple – to keep the uniformity.

So, I did the code formatting and got it look almost like the website theme, without CSS3 support! Also, I familiarized myself with the Zazzle product creation requirements, ways, categories etc. Planned a thing or two on how would we go about collecting the artworks to product creation.

Sad part is, around 20-25 days later after I was done with the store and ready for posting artworks, we got the news that Zazzle will stop supporting the customizations and is undergoing a makeover. Well, that did came us a surprise but the good thing that has come out, Zazzle interface does look better!

Talking of today, this week we are going to upload new merchandise designs on the shop! Yay! 😀

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So one day this friend of mine called me up to check out a program that he happened to know. He was a participant of GSOC last year and came to know about “Outreach Program for Women” via Google+ and suggested, in fact, persuaded me to apply. My first instinct was to not apply, the reason was simple – I was scared of the change and skeptic of getting a selection in such a big program. Nevertheless, my friend gave me a description about the motive behind this program and I, at last, ended up on the OPW page. There I came acorss this –

“By having a program targeted specifically towards women, we found that we reached talented and passionate participants, who were uncertain about how to start otherwise. We hope this effort will help many women learn how exciting, varied and valuable work on FOSS projects can be and how inclusive the community really is. This program is a welcoming link that will connect you with people working on individual projects in various FOSS organizations and guide you through your first contribution.”

It spoke to me. I felt connected and motivated to apply. I thought to myself, these organizations are trying so hard to help women come out of their shells, I could at least show my support by participating. What harm would it do if I at least apply! So, now lesser uncertain I went on to check out the several projects under several organizations. It was while I was going through the projects under KDE that I came across “Krita Webshop” project.

When I read its description, I was thinking to myself that this is how I wanted to spend my summer, I loved the project so much. To me it started to get more about the project than the program. I didn’t want to lose the project. I found the entire concept and idea of webshop very intriguing. I just wanted to be the one collecting those artworks, creating merchandise and setting up the webshop! There are times when we want to do things and are out of reasons to justify “why”! This was certainly one of those times.

My point is, that things only got simpler with time. I started by saying, “Ok, I could atleast apply!” and then went on to saying, “This project is fun I want this” to the point where I found myself saying, “Damn! I love FOSS and want to work irrespective of getting a selection!”. Yes, everything was new but with every move it seemed to get more interesting and more simple.

This is how I chose my project and decided to apply for the “GNOME Outreach Program for Women”. And now that I’m selected, I’m more confident than ever and ready to make an effort to break my shell to try things I assume to be difficult but which in reality are not!

Going out of my comfort zone paid to me, I’d encourage you to do the same and see for yourself the results of making a move! 🙂

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