Looking back to June: Week 2 and 3


Well I thought of doing this “Looking back to June” as a series of posts until I get back to the present status of my work.

It was my summer vacation for the past two months (May and June), during that time I was in Delhi taking an extra course . I was more free there than I am now(college reopened in July, so pretty hectic). It was the second week of June, and we thought of charting out a plan of all the tasks that are to be covered under the 3 month span. As the project isn’t a core coding project and there are a lot of diverse responsibilities involved, it was necessary to have one to avoid the chaos while working.

After we were done with the sort-of  to-do list, I took up on the task of familiarizing more with the community. What I mean is, I am not a digital artist so I was finding it difficult to look at things with the perspective similar to what others had in the community. I studied a little bit about Krita tool features, installed it, read about the community history, started remaining more active on the #krita channel. It did help and as the time passed, I started to get a hold of the way everybody thinks around. There came a time – I think in week 3 or 4 of June – that I saw my initial contribution documents and it seemed so naive!

Now, more familiar with the community I took up the next task to follow the Krita art in order to understand Krita artists better. Deviant was a great help! It was around this time that we started to plan and start the work on artist collaboration. Since then it has been a part of our daily work.

The response of the artists has been amazing thus far for the contribution. What strikes me the most is how kind and supportive they are of Krita. Talking of present, it has been almost a month since we started the collaboration work and it is still going strong! B)

Contacting artists has been and is a wonderful experience. Also, we have been interviewing the artists. Maria has been doing a lot of them and has posted many interviews on krita.org. Also, you could check them out on her blog here.

Cheers! 🙂


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